GALLERY MEJAN 15 - 20 July 2006

Now (202 x 422, vinyl paint on cotton canvas) and Now (149 x 470, vinyl paint on cotton canvas) installed at Gallery Mejan.

Royal University Collage of Fine Arts, Stockholm


15–19 July

Vernissage/Opening: 15 July 2006 kl. 14 – 16, Välkomna!

Öppettider/Open: Lördag – torsdag 10.00 – 20.00, Saturday – Thursday 10.00 – 20.00

Suzanna Asp:

My works spring from ideas and questions about the built surrounding space, and most often results in more or less performative actions/events
where I place myself or an object in different situations to make the
chosen space visible, for myself as well as for a potential viewer. My
painting procedure follows the same strategy, looking at the space of the
canvas and further what happens when this virtual space is placed
in a “real” space, for example the room of a gallery.

Mako Ishizuka:

My art practice revolves around territory and structure in the quotidian
where I attempt to objectify the physical and mental borders in society.
It results in pristine installations often employing photography, video
and construction, which integrate formally into the existing architecture.
Stratified conformations and manipulated perceptions reflect the
ambivalent quality of intimacy and distance, and the delicate diplomacy,
between the private and public spheres.